CronkNews to Launch Satire Podcast Series

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The first podcast guest is Sophia A. McClennen, author of Colbert’s America.

Start your weekends early! Friday November 16, will introduce its new podcast series “Fridays Are Satire Days.”

“‘Satire Days’ will examine the craft of satire, with a special aim on education,” says host Leah Wescott. “Our first guest is Sophia A. McClennen who wrote the book Colbert’s America. She’s a well known writer and social activist, but we’re also going to talk to her about her job as professor at Penn State and her days with the Harvard Lampoon when she was in college.”

Last year, CronkNews declared November “National Satire Month” to celebrate and bring attention to the genre.

“After satirists saved our souls through what seemed an endless election season, we couldn’t resist relaunching the Satire Month campaign,” says Wescott. “The time is right to cultivate more brave souls willing to make the world laugh, help us take a look at ourselves and maybe just change. If it doesn’t work, we’ll overdose on leftover Halloween candy, binge on turkey and dream up tryptophan-inspired ways to conquer the world.”

Join the Friday fun:

Date: Friday November 16
Time: 1:00 p.m. eastern time
Podcast site:

Stroke our tender egos by RSVP-ing at our Facebook event.