Ohio Student Revels in First Election Experience

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Vote. No joke.

State University of Ohio freshman Ericka Wanzig posted pictures of her first voting experience on her Facebook page Tuesday.

It’s so exciting to vote in my first election during such a close race,” said Wanzig. “My vote is going to mean so much this year! It’s so empowering.”

Wanzig’s photos chronicled her political engagement, from reading political blogs, to watching candidate debates and going to rallies for both candidates when they made their many trips to Ohio during the final month of the campaign.

I feel like I did everything I could to make an informed decision about the issues and the candidates,” said Wanzig. “I can’t believe there are people who choose not to vote. It’s such an honor – and a responsibility. We have the power to change history but they throw it away.”

Wanzig’s profile picture shows her filling out her absentee ballot.

I live in New York State,” said Wanzig. “I like Ohio, but I’m a proud Albany native and I wouldn’t want my vote to count anywhere else.”

Wanzig said she tried to keep her final voting decision a secret, but still encountered some attempted manipulation.

A few people claiming to work for voter registration tried to tell me my vote would count more in Ohio than in New York,” she said. “They must have thought I was incredibly naive. The joke’s on them! I can’t wait to tune in to see which way New York goes.”