Podcast: How to Prepare for Your College News April 1 Edition

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Don't build your campus newspaper on a house of cards.
Don’t build your campus newspaper on a house of cards.

College newspapers are the funniest places on earth on March 31st. Fast forward 24 hours and many are in the dog house for their inappropriate, unfunny April Fool’s Day issues. Campuses yank the issues from the stands, editors resign in shame and a few unlucky papers see their names hit national news for the worst of the worst.

The students planning these issues are intelligent, well-intentioned journalists with a great sense of humor, so what went so horribly wrong –– and why does it happen every year?

Join our Ides of March podcast to evaluate your plans, anticipate common-but-tempting mistakes and get a crash course on what makes real satire.

Friday March 15, 2013
3:00 p.m. Eastern Time

You don’t have to wimp out, you just have to be prepared to put your best edge forward.

See you this afternoon!