Friday Funday: Write Your Own Cronk Headline

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Write your own headline. Submit by comment, Twitter @CronkNews, Tumblr, Pinterest or anyplace else you can use the hashtag #CronkDIY.

Winners chosen weekly.

Fill in the blank.
Congratulations, Katherine L. Bryant (a.k.a. @EvoNeuro ) for her winning headline “Admins Prepare for Unveiling of New, Innovative ‘Super-Dean,’ Composed of Multiple Smaller Deans and Powered by Student Debt, Tears.”

Runners Up:

“Staff Discussing Pride is Suddenly Eaten by a Pride” from Jeff Shoup (@JeffShoup1)

Committee decides on new university IT plan with help of paper and pen flip chart” from Academic Water Cooler‘s @Beaker_Ben

“It’s called ‘paper.’ Use it for an ‘agenda.’ Then our training can have a ‘beginning’ & an ‘end’; maybe even a ‘point.’” from Jennifer Joslin (@jenniferejoslin)