Campus Introduces 10-Step Streamlining Form to Improve Efficiency of Every Task

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Administrators rejoice! Four Flags University has introduced a new tool to help staff members work more productively. Human Resources employees piloted a new form staff can use to track their task management so each employee follows the exact same process to achieve 100 percent efficiency.

“The 10-step S.T.R.E.A.M.L.I.N.E. process eliminates the necessity of staff members thinking for themselves and creates an automatic measurement of success,” said Louellen Tippett, who developed the form after realized her colleagues had different ways of achieving the same goals. “Now we can all perform like a team!”

We obtained a copy of a sample form submitted by one of the beta testers last year. See below.

“We can’t wait to share the form with other universities so their personnel can benefit from our great work,” said Tippett. “Next year, we hope to create a streamlined staff training program to eliminate the inefficiency of individual departments giving specialized education.”

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Feel free to download and use for your staff!
Feel free to download and use for your staff!