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The Cronk of Higher Education (CronkNews.com) is an online faux-magazine founded by editor-in-chief Leah Wescott in June 2009 to provide critical and satirical analysis of the current events and daily routines at colleges and universities.


Editor-in-Chief Leah Wescott can be reached at:

@CronkNews on Twitter

What other people say…

Maybe the funniest Higher Ed blog EVER. Think: The Onion of #highered (Thanks for the laughs, @CronkNews!)
~@HigherEdLife, Twitter.com

ATTN HigherEd: If you read The Chronicle, you also need to read @CronkNews. Its like The Onion, but funnier.
~@IanWTanner, Twitter.com

Amazing site: The Cronk of Higher Education, a parody higher ed news site. MUST READ.
~@JoeyColeman, Twitter.com

If you haven’t discovered the Cronk of Higher Education it is fantastic.
~@bwalizer, Twitter.com